Frequently asked questions

Is there a required deposit and admin fee?
All applicants will have to pay a small deposit and administration fee in relation to their application to volunteer at a festival.

Why have you introduced deposits?
In order for us to provide a reliable service to festivals we need to ensure that our volunteers turn up on time and carry out the tasks delegated to them. In the past a number of applicants have accepted positions at festivals but then decided not to turn up or perform their duties. Some have informed us of their decision not to volunteer, many have not. This puts unfair pressure on those who have turned up and taken their responsibilities seriously. By introducing a deposit we hope to make applicants think a little more carefully before submitting their application.

How much is the deposit?
£20.00 per festival applied for.
(The deposit for Glastonbury, Common People and BST Hyde Park differ - please see bottom of page for details).

How much is the administration fee?
£15.00 per festival applied for.
(The admin fee for Glastonbury differs - please see bottom of page for details).

When and how do I pay my deposit and application fee?
Applicants pay the deposit and application fee via PayPal when submitting their application.

When will I find out if my application has been successful?
We endeavour to let you know as soon as possible as it benefits both you and us to do so. We will aim to let you know within 2 weeks of submitting your application. However, please bear with us as it takes a while to get through each individual application. You can log in to your profile on our website at any time and check the progress of your application from the 'My Applications' tab.

When will my deposit be returned to me?
At a pre-organised time usually on the afternoon of the last day of the festival, or after your last shift. Please read our volunteer notice to ascertain the circumstances in which you may not receive your deposit back. If you fail to collect your ID on site, a £10 charge will be made to post this back to you.
Please note: Glastonbury deposits will only be returned to you once you have completed your duties at both Glastonbury and your chosen sister event.

Will my deposit guarantee me a place at an event?

Can I swap my deposit and application fee from festival to festival, or to another person, if I change my mind?
Deposits and administration fees are not transferrable between applicants or events.

What if my application is not successful?
We will return your deposit within thirty days of our decision.

Will you return the administration fee?
An administration fee will only be returned if no offer of a place is made by Festaff for the event. Under no other circumstances wil your administration fee be returned.

Under what circumstances might my deposit not be returned to me?
You don’t attend a festival for which your application has been granted.
You withdraw from the event less than 5 weeks before you are due on site.
You fail to undertake your duties during a festival.
You turn up late for the performance of your duties.
You do not comply with the volunteer notice.

What happens if I am offered a place at a festival but I turn it down?
Your £15.00 admin fee will be withheld.

What happens if you are unable to offer me a place at a festival?
Your deposit and admin fee will be refunded.

What happens if I don't pick up my ID or deposit on site?
You need to wait until we can mail the ID out to you. The deposit will be returned via PayPal for most events. This could be the end of the summer season in late September, so pick up any IDs and deposits in the window given on site. A £10 fee is incurred to mail back your ID.

A deposit of £170.00 and an administration fee of £30.00 must be paid with Glastonbury applications.

Glastonbury is the hot ticket on the festival calendar! As such we are now pairing applications for Glastonbury with other events on our roster, so if you want to be a volunteer here you must also volunteer at another event with us too, successfully and properly completing your volunteering at that festival. You need to apply for both Glastonbury and your chosen sister event at the same time, in one application. Tick Glastonbury on the application form, then tick your chosen sister event, then continue to the next page.

You may already be thinking of applying for one of these events. If so, happy days! We have a selection of differing types of events in varying locations. Hopefully there is something there for everyone. Places are limited at each festival. Please pick carefully as you are not able to swap the sister event with another at a later date, and if you withdraw you will lose administration fees and deposits.

Please note that if you fail to complete your sister event, you will lose the deposit and admin fee for that event, as well as your Glastonbury deposit and admin fee. However, once you have completed both and done us proud, then we guarantee we will invite you back to the next Glastonbury, something that you can only guarantee by being a member of our team and a great way to avoid Glastonbury ticket stress!

You can choose to link any event on the Festaff calendar (except the BST Hyde Park shows) with your Glastonbury application.

Here's the list for quick reference: Common People (Southampton and Oxford), Isle of Wight Festival, Love Supreme, Rewind (Scotland, North and South), Kendal Calling, Camp Bestival, V North, CarFest (North and South), Standon Calling, Belladrum, Bloodstock Open Air, Carnival 56, We Are FSTVL and Bestival.

BST Hyde Park gigs
Applicants will only be required to pay a £15.00 administration fee. No deposit to be paid.

Common People events
Applicants will only be required to pay a £15.00 administration fee and a £10 deposit.

Please note refunds may be given by cheque. It is your responsibility to keep us informed of any changes in address that may occur. If we have to re-issue a cheque we may charge a fee for this. We may deduct this fee from the amount to be refunded

Shifts are allocated to you upon arrival. We give them out in a fair manner so that nobody gets the short straw. If you want to be able to pick your shifts or be on the same shift as a friend, we suggest you arrive early for accreditation (you will be told where and when this is nearer to the time of the event). If you arrive late for accreditation you may miss out on the shift you want. You can swap shifts with other volunteers if you wish - but you and the swapee must both come and see us in the on site office to swap them on our rota. You can not just swap without telling anyone.

If you are unsure of anything, please contact us.