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Glastonbury 2019

Frequently asked questions...

What type of volunteer roles are offered on this website?
All positions offered on this website are for volunteer stewarding roles.

What accomodation will there be?
You are required to camp and provide all your own camping equipment....we will provide basic camping facilities - lighting, washing facilities etc

Glastonbury 2024 Applications.
Those who volunteered at 2 camping events in summer 2023 will be invited to apply first and foremost then we will look at other applications/submissions/enquiries. An invite does not 100% guarantee a place.

How do I get an invite to apply for Glastonbury 2025?
You need to volunteer at 2 camping events in summer 2024 - these people will be offered places first and foremost.

Is there a required deposit and admin fee?
All applicants will have to pay a small deposit and administration fee in relation to their application to volunteer at a festival.

Glastonbury deposits will be equal to that of the ticket price.

Why have you introduced deposits?
In order for us to provide a reliable service to festivals we need to ensure that our volunteers turn up on time and carry out the tasks delegated to them. In the past a number of applicants have accepted positions at festivals but then decided not to turn up or perform their duties. Some have informed us of their decision not to volunteer, many have not. This puts unfair pressure on those who have turned up and taken their responsibilities seriously. By introducing a deposit we hope to make applicants think a little more carefully before submitting their application.

How much is the deposit?
£20.00 per festival applied for.
There is no deposit for APE Victoria Park and BST Hyde Park but there is a £10 admin fee. The deposit for Glastonbury & Boomtown differs - please check event page for details.

How much is the administration fee?
£15.00 per camping festival applied for.
£10.00 is the admin fee for one day shows - e.g. APE Victoria Park and BST Hyde Park.

When and how do I pay my deposit and application fee?
Applicants pay the deposit and application fee via PayPal or CC when submitting their application.

When will I find out if my application has been successful?
We endeavour to let you know as soon as possible as it benefits both you and us to do so. We will aim to let you know in a week of submitting your application. NB this could 2-3weeks when applications initially open to allow us to deal with the large number of initial applications. An email/text will be sent informing you of our decision.

Can I be on the same shifts as my friends?
Shifts are allocated to you upon arrival. We distribute them in a fair manner so that nobody gets the short straw. If you want to be able to pick your shifts or be on the same shift as a friend arrive as early as you can for accreditation - together. We will endeavour what we can to keep you on same shifts but help yourselves first by following the above advice.

You can swap shifts with other volunteers if you wish - but you and the swapee must both come and see us in the on site office to swap them on our rota.

When will my deposit be returned to me?
Deposits will be paid back via cheque at the end of the summer before the end of of October. Please make sure you address is up to date on your profile - reissued cheques will be cost £20.
No cash will be refunded on site.

Glastonbury deposits will not be returned if you do not attend your sister event, for any reason, or your performance at either falls below an acceptable standard.

Will my deposit guarantee me a place at an event?
No. We must review all applications before places can be offered.

Can I swap my deposit and application fee from festival to festival, or to another person, if I change my mind?
Deposits and administration fees are not transferrable between applicants or events.

What if my application is not successful?
We will return your full deposit/admin fee within 14 days of our decision. This will be done electronically to your CC, or by PayPal or bacs.

Is camping included?

Yes on weekend camping festivals...also Neighbourhood Weekender.

Will you return the administration fee?
The administration fee and bond will be returned if no offer of a place is made by Festaff for the event.

Under what circumstances might my deposit not be returned to me?
You don’t attend a festival for which your application has been granted.
You withdraw from the event less than 5 weeks before you are due on site. If you apply within 5 weeks of an event this rule still applies.
You fail to undertake your duties during a festival or do not reach the required standard.
You turn up late for the performance of your duties or are disruptive on site.
You do not comply with the volunteer notice.

Deposits for APE Victoria Park and BST Hyde Park are non refundable.

What happens if I am offered a place at a festival but I turn it down?
Your admin fee will be withheld but deposit returned as long outwith 5 weeks prior to event. If you withdraw within 5 weeks of 1st day on site for event the admin fee and deposit will be withheld.

What happens if you are unable to offer me a place at a festival?
Your deposit and admin fee will be refunded.

What happens if I decline a place before an offer is made?
Your admin fee will be withheld.

There are no refunds on admin fees for day events.

Please note refunds may be given by cheque. It is your responsibility to keep us informed of any changes in address/name that may occur. If we have to re-issue a cheque a further £20 fee will be incurred.

A £5 fee may be incurred per application if event/season is cancelled due to factors outwith our control (i.e Covid, adverse weather, etc) and admin work has already been undertaken. (£2 for day events)

Glastonbury Deposits/Invitations. Deposits will only be returned when both Glastonbury event and the sister event have both been completed to an acceptable standard.

Both must be completed to receive an invite to apply for the next years Glastonbury event and have both deposits returned.

Working 2 camping events the previous summer does not guarantee a place. If there are too many applications for the number of places all submissions will be reviewed. So please have as much info as possible on your will only do you good!

Sister events must be in the same calendar year as Glastonbury application - they cannot be held over or swapped once chosen.

The Festaff Management Team will have the final word in any matters on applications.

Guide for Campervans at events with Festaff.

Please do not aply for a CV space before you have been offered a place at said event first and foremost.

Please check that the event actually accepts CVs for volunteers first and foremost on the event page on the Festaff website.

If you require a pitch, please email the required info – reg, H/W/L, make and model. How many the CV sleeps and what the occupancy will be on the weekend of the show.

Email this info and we will provisionally book you in for the event and will confirm your place around 2 weeks ahead of the event. No info - no booking. NB. Many events have a limit on how many CVs we can bring - so we may not be able to accomodate all.

All CVs must have window in sleeping area, ventilation in sleeping area, fixed beds, and be able to open the back from the inside. No cars, vans etc will be allowed in CV section…a van/pick up/car with mattress in the back is not a CV.

Once on site you must park where instructed by Festaff Supervisors.

Once on site the CV must stay in situ for the entire event until you leave on the Sunday/Monday.

There are no elec hook ups – anyone caught hooking up to provided elec could be asked to leave site.

Toilet Waste – Please take this away with you…or if you cannot please dispose of it in and IBC on site and DO NOT put it down the portable loos as the cross contamination can make some waste non-recyclable.

No Tents can be put beside/attached to CVans/vehicles – there must be a separation of vehicles and tents.

No amplified music for CVs after 10pm.

No running the engine at unsociable hours.

All CVs must have an in-date fire extinguisher – these may be checked on site.

A separate email must be sent per application/event.

Your CV and belongings maybe subject to a full search at any time on site.

Caravans approved on individual basis.

If applying for a place for your CV you agree to abide by the rules given here.

Adjustments for those with Disabilities or Health Conditions.

Festaff welcomes applications from all and will make reasonable adjustments to make sure volunteers with disabilities, or physical or mental health conditions, are not substantially disadvantaged when volunteering at any event.

Drop us an email and we will work with you –

What happens if I am ill and cannot attend?
Please email us a scanned copy of a signed and dated doctor's note indicating that you are unfit for work. We will then be able to offer you a refund but places may not be rolled/held over.

What happens if I am unable to attend due to a bereavement?
In order to process your refund, we require you to confirm your relationship with the deceased and supply suitable documentary evidence, such as a death certificate. We can then process your refund.

Who can be my referee?
You are asked to provide a referee as part of your application. This should be somebody who can provide a character reference. Ideally this should be a former employer (especially a mentor or line manager), a contact from a volunteer position, a sports coach from a team you have played in, your teacher, lecturer or tutor. You cannot use family, friends or a neighbour. Please ensure that your referee’s contact details are kept up to date, and that you have their permission for us to contact them.

Can I get a reference for a job?
Volunteering with Festaff means you get to add invaluable experience to your CV. We are happy to offer a reference for you once you have completed your volunteering to a good standard. If you do require a referee, please contact us with details of the job you are applying for.

I'm studying Event Management or wanting to get involved in the festival/music business. How can Festaff help?
Many of our volunteers are studying events or are interested in this industry. However, getting experience can be tough. Volunteering with Festaff means you not only get to add hands-on experience to your CV, but you’ll make great contacts too.

If you are unsure of anything or require further info - please contact us.