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For all volunteer enquiries
Tel: 07702 211 030

The Festaff helpline is open for enquiries Mon - Fri, 10am - 5pm.

NB. If you are enquiring pre New Year 2020 you maybe best to use the email enquiry facility to the right as the helpline will not be manned at all times at this time of the year.

Phone signal can sometimes be a little patchy on site due to the often secluded countryside locations, so if you don't manage to get through right away - please try again.

Photo’s on this site thanks to:

Hannah Templer: Instagram: @Hannahsphotography97. Guy Peterson: Lauren Soar:

Please check our FAQs page before contacting us as many of your queries will be answered there!
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Applications are open for

  • BST - Post Malone 2020
    BST: Post Malone
  • Love Supreme 2020
    Love Supreme
  • BST - Little Mix 2020
    BST: Little Mix
  • BST - Kendrick Lamar 2020
    BST: Kendrick Lamar
  • BST - Pearl Jam 2020
    BST: Pearl Jam
  • BST - Duran Duran 2020
    BST: Duran Duran
  • Beat Herder 2020
    Beat Herder
  • Rewind 2020 (Scotland)
    Rewind Scotland
  • Kendal Calling 2020
    Kendal Calling
  • Belladrum Tartan Heart 2020
    Belladrum Tartan Heart
  • Rewind 2020 (North)
    Rewind North
  • Bloodstock Open Air 2020
    Bloodstock Open Air
  • Boomtown Fair 2020
    Boomtown Fair
  • Rewind 2020 (South)
    Rewind South
  • Creamfields 2020
  • CarFest South 2020
    CarFest South
  • Sundown Festival 2020
  • Run Fest Run 2020
    Run Fest Run
  • Neighbourhood Weekender 2020
    Neighbourhood Weekender