Bloodstock Stage 2019

Jobs at Bloodstock Open Air 2024

Bloodstock Open Air - The UK's No.1 metal festival....get on board with rocking Festaff Team!

Date: 8th - 11th August 2024
Date/Time required on site: 2:00pm-6:00pm, 7th August, 2024
Required on site until: 6:00pm, 11th August, 2024
Shifts required: Training, plus a minimum 2 x 8 hour volunteer to a maximum of 3 x 8 hour shifts TBC. Wednesday to Sunday.
Shift patterns: TBC on site.

Join our volunteer team at Bloodstock 2024

Bloodstock Open Air 2024 will showcase over 100 bands with a mix of international and underground artists with part of their line up already announced. They have already announced part of their line up including Opeth, Architetcs, Flogging Molly & Amon mention just a few.

Please note: once on site at Bloodstock you are required to be on volunteer shift where and when required by the Music Festival promoter and Festaff management. You will be advised as far as possible of volunteer shift patterns, etc. in advance of the music festival but we cannot be 100% accurate of all that is required until on site. NB We will not be undertaking car park duties at this year's event.

All our volunteer roles on site are light customer facing tasks and you will be fully supported by your Supervisors and the Festaff team.

You must plan and make your own way to and from the event. Free staff car park passes will be issued on arrival.

Strictly no campervans permitted for volunteer staff at this event. Camping only

A food allowance will be made at this event per shift plus the usual showers, toilets and wlefare items will be provided for our volunteer staff.

A big thank you to Rachael, Adam and Co at Bloodstock for giving our volunteers meal vouchers - let's pay them back by being as good as we can be in our roles.


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