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“I love Festivals – that’s why I volunteer”

Written by Aiden Birks, 24.

Events volunteered include: Creamfields, Isle of Wight, Bestival, Kendal Calling, Common People & Glastonbury.

Volunteering with Festaff is a brilliant experience, and I recommend it to anyone who will listen. I absolutely love it – hence why I’m on to my 12th event this year!

Why Volunteer?

There are loads of reasons why I (and many others) come back year on year, and they’re probably slightly different for everyone. For me, the main reasons I keep coming back are a combination of the fact that I love music festivals – can’t beat them! – the tiny deposit (£15), the awesome team and the experiences you have at every event!

What really makes volunteering better than paying (apart from the cost!!) is that you get to see a completely different side of the festival than the customers, for example, doing the site walk of Glastonbury before the 170,000 customers get there is pretty cool. Not only that, but you actually get to be part of the team that makes the festival happen – and that’s something to be proud of! Everyone in the team is there for the same reason, to have a good time, and to make sure that everyone else has a good time too, this creates a real team spirit, it makes the work enjoyable and the shifts are over before you know it … oh and the free hot working showers are a massive plus!

Time to enjoy the biggest acts of the day.

The great thing about Festaff compared to other volunteering companies is that wherever possible, they want you to enjoy your time at the festival as much as you can. The shifts are normally much better than the charities and bar staff on site, for most festivals you only have to work two 8-hour shifts – and one of these tends to be before the main event even starts! Not only that, but the supervisors and fellow volunteers are a brilliant bunch, they’re like a 2nd (festival) family!

If I had to choose some highlights from events I’ve volunteered at, the first would have to be seeing Fleetwood Mac at Isle of Wight in 2015, they were absolutely incredible! On the flip side I think the close second highlight would be dancing in a tiny field by the lake with the sun out to a local DJ at Kendal Calling!

Apply with friends.

I normally volunteer with a group of friends, but there are also plenty of people who go solo, and everyone ends up meeting new people and forming big groups anyway! I’ve even volunteered at some events with people that I’ve met at previous Festaff events.

Top tips for volunteers.

My top tips for making the most out of your Festaff experience would be to make sure that you go into the festival and the shifts with an open mind, don’t treat it as a chore, just get stuck in and you’ll have a ball! Think about what you might need on shift and take that in a small day-bag/rucksack, water, snacks and a jumper/jacket are essentials for me! I’d also say pack for the weather forecast but also prepare for the worst just in case … and don’t forget your tent!

It takes less than 5 minutes to create your volunteer profile and sign up to events, what are you waiting for!?

Aiden Birks