Glastonbury Festival Sign

Information for Glastonbury 2019 volunteer applications.

Answers to FAQs regarding this year’s Glastonbury applications……….….and advice on 2020 applications.

When will general applications be open for Glastonbury 2019? Any places that are available for general applications to the public will open on 1st April 2019.

I volunteered Glastonbury 2017 with Festaff. How do I apply? If you kept your invite alive last summer by working one event with us (Excl APE & BST) you will be sent an invite to apply on 1st March 2019 and have until Monday 4th to apply. (NB being sent an offer does not guarantee a place)

I worked two events last summer to get on your Priority Application List. What happens now? Those of you who worked 2 events with us last summer (Excl APE & BST) will qualify to apply on our PAL list. You will be sent an invite to apply on 1st March 2019 and have until Monday 4th to apply. (NB being sent an offer does not guarantee a place)

(If you not been sent an email re the above and you feel you have qualified please drop us an email via the contact page of the website and we will check our records)

Invites for above will sent to named people and these invites are only open to these named people.

· ID’s will be checked on arrival to site to concur with details held by Festaff.

  • No ID no Festival – must be Passport or Photo ID agreed with Festaff prior to arrival on site email must also be produced ratifying the ID.
  • No ID, or wrong ID, person not on list - no festival.

What is the deposit for Glastonbury 2019? Glastonbury will be £240 in line with the events policy. A £15 admin feel will be deducted before deposit is returned. Deposits will be returned after both Glastonbury and selected sister event are completed to a satisfactory standard (No deposits will be returned on site)

What day/time do I need to be available for Glastonbury 2019? You need to be on site 3-5pm on Monday 24th June and be available until Sunday 30th June at around 8pm. If you cannot make the dates, please do not apply.

Sister events? What are they and when should I apply? We ask all staff who are lucky enough to be part of the team at Glastonbury to support us at another event that summer. They are all the events on our roster apart from APE and BST as these are 1-day non-camping shows. (Please apply for your sister event at the same time as you apply for Glastonbury as more events could be added and deposits cannot be swapped.)

Glastonbury 2020.

How do I optimise my chances of being on the Festaff volunteer team in 2020 and join Glastonbury’s 50th Birthday Party? Work at least two events in summer 2019 (Excl BST and APE). If you want to give yourself a bigger chance work more than 2 events.

From 2020 all staff that have worked two events, or more, with us (Excl APE & BST), to an acceptable standard, will qualify for the Priority Application List for the following years Glastonbury Festival.