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Jobs at Music Festivals

The positions we offer normally involve stewarding in the campsite, wristbanding, assisting festival goers, bar staff, campsite information personnel, decanting roles, and other general duties.

You are required to complete16 hours or 2 x 8 hour shifts (plus any training) for your event ticket package, unless otherwise stated. You are expected to perform your duties to a good standard. Hours and shifts are dependent on the needs of Festaff and the event promoter.  All individual events have further details on their individual pages.  Please read carefully.

Shift patterns are arranged to allow you to enjoy as much of the festival as possible, where possible, but also reflect the needs of the event.

Please note: Festaff reserves the right to change your onsite hours/tasks due to the needs of the promoter and Festaff.

How do I apply to volunteer at an event?
Apply via the online application on this website.

How many festivals can I apply for?
You may apply for as many as you wish but please note that if you withdraw from any festival it may harm your other applications, so be sure before you apply.

Can I be on the same shifts as my friends?
We try as far as possible to put friends on the same jobs/shifts but we cannot please all of you all of the time on this front.

From 2015 shifts will be allocated on arrival, so the earlier you arrive, the greater choice you will have. We will of course split shifts so that it is as fair as possible and no one can claim all of the best times.  If you wish to work with friends, you must all arrive together... we cannot allocate shifts to an absent person!

Volunteering at a festival is also a great way to make new friends as many previous volunteers will tell you.

How can I support my application?
There is an opportunity to attach your CV or supporting information to your application.

We offer a wide range of roles on site. These include...

Gate Steward/Wristbander. Assisting with the processing of customers, placing wristbands safely on wrists of people entering the site in exchange for their ticket, keeping your bands and ticket stubs secure, tallying your stubs and bands at the wristband exchange.

Steward. Directing campers to less congested areas of the site, keeping fire/access lanes clear, checking on amenities, giving out advice and directions, checking the general mood of the customers, interacting with customers, helping to create a happy vibrant atmosphere, reporting back any concerns/observations to supervisors and event management.

Ticket Ripper/Scanner. These two roles involve checking ticket validity on the entry gates.

Tallier. Assisting the gate management team to keep stock of all wristbands and stubs.

Campervan/Disabled Steward. Making sure these areas are camped so as to allow the maximum use of the land available and report back any concerns to the Festaff management.

(All the roles above will be under the banner of Steward at any event. These roles will be assigned as and when needed once on site).

Information Point Steward. Helping the patrons in your area and supplying them with information on all aspects of the event. You are also responsible for feeding back up-to-date information to the event management team and gauging the mood of the customers in your area.

Event Ambassador. Handing out leaflets, maps and giveaways to customers.  Providing customers with event information.  Aiding welfare and medical teams to make sure everybody is having a good time.

Recycling Operative. Involved in the day-to-day recycling of waste materials on site. This may involve supporting on site contractors collecting refuse. Alternatively, you may be handing out bin liners and advising patrons of our onsite recycling facilities and encouraging them to use these.

At T in the Park this will involve supporting a vehicle as it passes through the campsite encouraging and helping customers to bring out their bagged waste. Some will also be manning the permanent Recycling Points at campsite hubs.

Litter Picker. Part of a large team picking litter from the ground over the weekend and after the show to keep the site clean.

Bar Staff. Serving of drinks and collection of cash in one of the onsite bars. You would also be required to keep the bar clean and assist the bar management team.

Sherpa. Assisting one of the trolley companies on site in their duties. You may also be required to assist members of the public with their luggage.

Car Park Assistant. Assisting the car parking team with the safe parking of motor vehicles, collecting cash, giving directions and general duties.

Ferry Port Staff. Assisting and directing customers from ferry to coach on arrival at an event, and vice versa on their return.

(All roles will be described in more detail on the job description for each event; please read these notes carefully).

Supervisors. We are always looking to promote people within our ranks. What we look for in a supervisor is......maturity, honesty, enthusiasm, reliability, ability to deal with staff and customers in a fair and calm manner, and good communication skills. Talk to existing supervisors on site or contact Sandy Reid regarding Supervisor roles.



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Thanks to all our staff for their hard work and support during summer 2014.