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Applications are now CLOSED  for 2014.

Applications for 2015 will open March 2015.

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New applications will be judged on their individual merits so please take your time and tell us all about you or you may miss out.

Glastonbury Festival is the largest Greenfield music and performing arts festival in the world and a template for many festivals that have come after it. Glastonbury has the best aspects of festival life in one astonishing bundle.

** Headlining this year are Metallica, Kasabian and Arcade Fire! **

2014 arrangements will be...

What we need from you:
• Monday 23rd June: you must arrive on site between 2pm and 8pm.  
• Tuesday 24th June: you must attend the staff meeting at 9am.  Following the staff meeting, there will be training, site familiarisation, and helping to set up the gates. Be prepared for a busy day!
• You must complete 3 x 8 hour shifts, plus training and set up over 6 days.
• Sunday 29th June: you must remain on site until at least 12 midnight, residing in the staff campsite.

What you will get from us:
• A pass for the event.
• A place to camp within reasonable distance of showers and toilets.

You will need to provide all your own transport to and from the event and all camping equipment.

Festaff takes no responsibility for any vehicles or belongings damaged or lost on site.

Please note a £200 deposit must be made when applying.

Unsuccessful candidates will have the full bond returned.

Those lucky enough to receive a post will have the £170 bond paid back to them on the completion of the event.

NB. Anyone who withdraws from this event will have the £30 admin fee deducted from their bond.  Anyone who withdraws within 30 days of the first day on site will lose £50 of their deposit due to the cost of replacing you at short notice.


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Thanks to all our staff for their hard work and support during summer 2014.